Parents’ forum

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Please send your details directly to or call the ARC office on 0207 713 7486. One of our experienced team will respond to you as soon as possible, in office hours.

In addition to having access to the forum, ARC members will be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter and invitations to meetings and events.

Please note: if you are here because you are considering your options after being given difficult news following a test or scan, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of professional, experienced staff via the ARC helpline on 0207 713 7486 or by email at

We are sometimes asked why we do not have a forum for people who have been given a result from a test or scan and who are considering their options. These situations are very sensitive and emotive and we feel that moderating a forum for such a wide range of diagnoses and possible outcomes, and such differing individual needs, would be very difficult. But it can help to talk to someone who is not emotionally involved and who has an understanding of the often very complex issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact our helpline for support and information.