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The internet can be a great source of information, but it can also be overwhelming. Some online information on prenatal genetic testing is very technical and difficult to understand for the non-expert. We have selected these links because they are ‘reader friendly’.

A final word on prenatal genetic testing

Remember it is always your choice whether or not to have any genetic tests in pregnancy. You should never feel under pressure to say yes or no to a test. Before deciding it can be helpful to think about how important it is for you to have the information the test might give you and how you might feel if the information you gain from a result gives a very uncertain outlook.

Although the amount of genetic information tests can provide is increasing all the time, doctors cannot always tell you how exactly a genetic change will affect your baby and this uncertainty can be difficult.

It is also important to know that even more advanced genetic tests, like whole genome or exome sequencing, will not always find a genetic reason for unusual findings on an ultrasound scan. No test can guarantee a baby will be healthy.