Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Helpline: 0207 713 7486

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Helping parents and professionals through antenatal screening

ARC is the only national charity helping parents and healthcare professionals through antenatal screening and its consequences

Around 800,000 women in the UK become pregnant each year. More than 40,000 will be told there is a chance their baby has a genetic or structural condition. Naturally, this can cause a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty. Most parents will ultimately be reassured the pregnancy is progressing as expected. Sadly, some will receive the devastating news that their baby has a serious, sometimes lethal condition or might be told that the outlook is very uncertain.

ARC offers non-directive information and support to parents before, during and after antenatal screening; when they are told their baby has an anomaly; when they are making difficult decisions about continuing with or ending a pregnancy, and when they are coping with complex and painful issues after making a decision, including bereavement.

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ARC's national helpline

We're here for as long as you need us. Our helpline is answered by trained staff Monday to Friday, 10.00am-5.30pm. Call 0207 713 7486.

The ARC forum

The ARC Forum has been set up as a safe place for ARC parent members to make contact with other people who have lost a baby following a prenatal diagnosis, in order to provide support and lessen the sense of isolation. Find out more, and join the forum.

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Antenatal screening and diagnostic tests explained

All pregnant women in the UK are offered antenatal screening tests. Most women will be reassured by the results but some (approximately 5%) will be given worrying news and face difficult decisions about diagnostic testing. It is your choice to have any test. Learn more about antenatal screening and diagnosis.

Our publications

ARC's parents' handbooks 'Supporting you throughout your pregnancy' and 'A handbook to be given to parents when an anomaly is diagnosed' describe some of the complex physical and emotional issues you may face after a prenatal diagnosis. Find out more and place an order.

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Professional membership

Be kept abreast of the latest information and developments in antenatal screening and diagnosis and ARC's work by becoming a healthcare professional member of ARC. Sign up online today.

Training and events

It takes time, experience and training to gain the confidence and competence needed to provide individualised care to parents through antenatal testing and its consequences. ARC training days are designed to enable healthcare professionals to respond both practically and emotionally to parents' needs as well as consider their own support needs. View upcoming training days and events.

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Results from our TFMR survey

We’ve partnered with Tommy's and Petals to help make sure families who’d experienced TFMR feel included in our baby loss community.

To guide this partnership, we spoke to people who had experienced Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR), to find out

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Steps in September

Join Team ARC for Steps in September and raise money to go towards our vital support services.

Challenge yourself to reach a certain number of steps throughout September. There is no set step count, you are free to set your own target.

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