EXPRESS: optimising the EXome PREnatal Sequencing Service

This is a major study by led Great Ormond Street and the Institute of Child Health. EXPRESS is evaluating the roll-out of a new genetic test, called prenatal exome sequencing, across NHS England.

Prenatal exome sequencing may be offered in pregnancy when scans suggest the baby may have a genetic condition that has not been or is unlikely to be diagnosed using standard genetic tests.

EXPRESS will explore parents’ views on and experiences of being offered prenatal exome sequencing. As part of our collaboration on this project, ARC has employed a research associate to gain an in-depth understanding of the parent perspective.

Our ARC researcher, Hannah, will be interviewing parents for EXPRESS to understand the information and support needs of parents offered this genetic test during pregnancy.


We are working with colleagues at Queen Mary, University of London and Barts Health on a research study called ‘Understand’ that aims to improve how health care professionals  communicate difficult or unexpected news in pregnancy to women who have a mental health condition.