Family, friends and employers

If a family member or someone you know has been given worrying or distressing news about their pregnancy, or if they have lost a baby following a prenatal diagnosis, you may find it difficult to know what to say and how best to support them. You may be feeling distressed yourself.

At ARC, we have years of experience in helping expectant parents who are going through or have been through difficult times in pregnancy and supporting those around them too. Please do contact us if you have any questions or you would just like to talk on 0207 713 7486 or email

We also have a series of publications which you may also find of interest for yourself or for your relative or friend. Read more about ARC’s publications.

It is also very difficult to know how best to support a colleague or employee during a complex pregnancy, if they decide to terminate a pregnancy or the longer-term effects of grief. Thoughtful support and management can make such a difference, so we have created a a guide for employers.

If you have any further questions about providing the right emotional support in the work place, wish to update HR policies like maternity or compassionate leave, or learn more about ARC’s sensitive communications training for organisations, please get in touch at