Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Top fundraising tips from ARC supporters

We asked our top fundraisers for their advice on how to make the most of your fundraising events for ARC. If you're looking for some inspiration, hints, tips or ideas for your event, find them below!


• Make sure your event will appeal to a wide range of people – hire a bouncy castle, face painters or hold a book sale. If you're expecting a crowd, perhaps invite traders from companies like Phoenix or Avon along (in return for a percentage of their profits!)
• Use social media to raise awareness of your event among your friends, and their friends too.
• Ask in local shops if you can put up flyers promoting your event.
• ARC can be a difficult charity to promote, so if you're worried about this you might want to think about also raising money for a second, local charity (or a cause close to your heart) and splitting the money between the two.
• What raised the most money at my event was the raffle. We sold tickets online through Just Giving. We bought rugby tickets as our donation and raffled them. The winner was someone who bought a ticket online so this works well. (If you want to hold a raffle at your event, please ensure you check the Gambling Commission website as there are some guidelines to adhere to).


"When I heard about the tea party fundraising appeal from ARC I knew it was something that would be so much fun to be involved in. I decided to host a tea party at my house. I prepared some paper invitations with all the essential info about ARC and stated that 'to help raise money for ARC, I am asking for a small donation of £5 to attend my tea party'. Pretty reasonable considering they get to eat cake and drink tea all afternoon! I invited around 40 people, neighbours, close friends and family etc. and it was a roaring success. I also arranged a raffle charging £1 per ticket and I raised £480 that day. I decided that since the tea party was such a great success, I would have an office bake sale. I asked a few colleagues to help bake and between us we provided quite an array of delights to display in the office kitchen. I put a couple of donation forms next to the cakes and to my astonishment noticed staff were putting down £5, £10, £15 donations on the forms. Another great tip was to say on my email that if they were out of the office that day but would still be happy to donate to such a wonderful charity then to reply but return with their donation amount and people did. You don't ask, you don't get! The office raised £345. Amazing for a bake sale".

• If you're holding a tea party or cake sale, ask a few close family members or colleagues to help you with the baking.
• Ask for RSVPs from guests so you know how much food and drink to provide.
• If you're holding a raffle, ask local businesses and shops to donate prizes. (NB. ARC can provide a letter of support to confirm you're fundraising in aid of the charity – contact the office).
• If you're having lots of guests, contact a local caterer to see if they will supply a tea urn or crockery free for the event.
• Look for small, cheaper items to give away in the raffle, such as indoor plants, photo frames, boxes of biscuits or chocolates, nail varnish, bottles of wine, hand cream and so on.
• Make use of the ARC tea party pack to decorate your venue.
• Make sure you put as much information as possible about the charity on display: it helps to remind guests why they are there and what their donations will be helping to do.

Carly's tips for an office bake sale

• Email all the staff to let them know about the bake sale and tell them they can eat as much cake as they like!
• Do NOT put a price on any of the cakes – instead put a pledge form by the cakes and allow people to donate what they want.
• Tell them the money will be collected at a later date – they may not have the cash at the time and it will encourage them to still donate.
• Again make sure there is information on the charity available, and make sure to use the ARC logo. It reminds people that they are raising money for charity and may encourage them to pledge more.


• My biggest success was Facebook. I shared my Just Giving page through Facebook, and every time I received a donation I thanked the person there, so it would appear in other people's News Feed and nudge them if they were meaning to donate too!
• My company made ARC their Charity of the Year based on the support I had from them throughout. We do dress down Friday every week, and we've had lunches, BBQs, raffles and a bake off all in aid of ARC.


• The key to our success (raising over £3,000 for ARC) was planning. We started planning months in advance, which meant we could really research our raffle prizes and who could help us for free, or for low cost.
• Asking around for help was also good; we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to help us.
• We used our entire network of contacts to help us – we used social media and invited friends, friends of friends, family, work mates, and old work friends. Our event was also a great way to get everyone together to have a really good time, we just managed to raise money for ARC at the same time!
• Don't try and do everything yourself – ask for help. Have someone to be in charge of money, someone to look after the raffle (if you have one), and have someone to plan the event. You don't need to hire professionals – it just helps to have support so one person isn't overwhelmed.
• You could also hold planning meetings with your team (ours usually meant a night out in the pub, which was again another great social activity!)
• I'm fundraising again for ARC this year but as we have a baby on the way, we can't spare as much time so we're trying some new ideas – I'm hoping to do an auction leg waxing, and we've just started a sweepstake for people to guess the new baby's weight, DOB and so on. The winner will get 50% as a prize, and ARC will get the rest.

If you'd like any more fundraising tips and ideas then you can download our tea party fundraising pack, find more information on our fundraising page, or contact the office at or call 0207 713 7356.