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Help for Fathers

Help for Fathers

A handbook for supporting fathers through difficult family times

For both parents, pregnancy is a time of hope, filled with expectations for their future with a healthy child. However, parents who find out their baby is at risk of an anomaly can be faced with very difficult decisions about the future of their pregnancy. At this stage, fathers in particular can feel as though they must remain strong for the sake of their partner. ARC has designed Help for fathers to allow men to feel able to cope with their loss and express their grief.

ARC is the only national charity that offers specialised information and support to parents making a decision about the future of their pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis. ARC provides on-going support to many of the parents who end their pregnancies each year because an anomaly was diagnosed in their baby.

Help for Fathers is based on our work with fathers. It talks about some of the emotions other men have felt, and gives advice on how to cope, based on their experiences.

Cost per book: £2 plus P&P in the UK. £4 including P&P for overseas orders

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