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Helpline: 0207 713 7486

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Parents' Handbook

This handbook has been written to help parents who are considering a termination of pregnancy because an anomaly has been diagnosed in their baby.

Deciding to end a wanted pregnancy can feel very difficult and painful. This handbook provides sensitively written information and support for parents who are faced with making a decision about the future of their pregnancy. It can also be a helpful source of information for all those caring for parents, whether they are healthcare professionals, family or friends.

Not received a copy from your hospital?

If you have been given a worrying test result or diagnosis and haven't received a copy of the ARC parents' handbook from your hospital please ask us for a complimentary copy on 0207 713 7356 or email Our publication is also available as a PDF which we can email to you, please let us know if you would rather receive a copy in this way.