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Help for Grandparents

Help for Grandparents

A booklet for grandparents facing difficult family times

A pregnancy is welcomed by the whole family, and grandparents-to-be often have their own very special hopes and dreams as their children begin families of their own. When parents are told that there is something seriously wrong with their baby, everybody's hopes and expectations are shattered. At such a time, care and attention will be focused on the baby's parents, who are in real need of support. However, grandparents too can feel powerful and confusing emotions; wanting to help, but also suffering themselves.

This leaflet explains a little more about the diagnosis of fetal anomalies during pregnancy, and the choices that are available to parents. Based on ARC's work with grandparents, it talks about some of the emotions other grandparents have felt, and gives advice on ways to cope - how you can help your children, and yourself, through this difficult and painful time.

This publication costs £2 plus P&P in the UK. For overseas prices please contact ARC.

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