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Help for Fathers

Help for Fathers

For both parents, a wanted pregnancy is a time of hope, filled with expectations for their future with a new baby. However, parents who find out their baby has a genetic or structural condition can be faced with a difficult decision about the future of their pregnancy. In these distressing circumstances some men can feel as though they must stay strong for the sake of their partner and neglect their needs. ARC has written 'Help for Fathers' with the aim of helping men to feel better able to cope with their loss and express their grief.

This information is based on our work with fathers who have lost a baby after a prenatal diagnosis. It talks about some of the emotions other men have felt, and gives advice on how to cope, based on their experiences.

Please also feel able to contact us for support on the ARC helpline. We also have a password-protected forum for bereaved parents, which includes a group specifically for men.

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