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Helpline: 0207 713 7486

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Another Pregnancy

Looking ahead to another pregnancy

This information is designed to support parents who have had a loss after prenatal diagnosis through preparation for another pregnancy. 

After what can be a traumatic loss, women and their partners need to grieve for the baby and for the hopes and dreams they had for that baby.

Deciding to become pregnant again can be a source of renewed hope, but it can also be emotionally complicated and painful. Parents can often feel a great conflict between treasuring memories of the baby who died, and wanting to have another, healthy baby. You will never forget your baby, but it is natural to want to focus on the future too.

Some women or couples need some time to process their loss and to start to feel less overwhelmed by their grief and the other normal emotions of their bereavement, before trying to conceive again. Others feel they want to try again as soon as possible. Some may have concerns about their age and/or fertility issues, for example, and feel they don’t have time to wait.

Decisions about when to try again are very personal, but it is always important to process the loss and to grieve, whenever this happens. Putting grief ‘on hold’ can cause difficulties later on.   

This leaflet has been written to help you think about some of the issues around becoming pregnant again, and some of the questions you might face during another pregnancy. It talks about practical things as well as some of the emotional difficulties.

Please also use the ARC helpline as a source of support. Our professional team has a great deal of experience in supporting women and couples considering or dealing with subsequent pregnancies.     

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