Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Break the silence around TFMR

ARC are partnering with the UK charities Petals and Tommy’s to help break the silence and stigma around termination for medical reasons (TFMR).

TFMR is one of the least talked about types of pregnancy and baby loss, however it is far more common than people may think. At least 5000 TFMR's happen every year in the UK. Over our long experience of working with women and couples who have faced this painful experience, we all too often hear how isolated they feel. Some are reluctant to seek support through their grieving because they made a decision to end the pregnancy.  

Click here to read Zara’s experience of TFMR in 2018.

ARC, Tommy’s and Petals want to raise awareness of TFMR and ensure families facing or bereaved after TFMR feel included in the pregnancy and baby loss community and know where to access information and support. 

ARC have been providing specialised information and support to women and couples who are facing or have experienced TFMR for over 30 years. Our small professional team offer unbiased information and individualised support to women, partners and their family and friends. We provide a range of support for those who have been through TFMR, including a password protected forum. We offer support for as long as is needed with the aim of helping people work through their loss and move on positively with their lives.

Petals provides specialist counselling to men, women and couples who experience the loss of a pregnancy or baby, through a national online counselling service, as well as a limited number of face to face counselling services where they have partnerships with hospital Trusts. For those who experience TFMR, Petals counsellors create a safe space to hold the emotional turmoil that is inevitable when choices around ending a pregnancy are made. For more information about Petals you can visit their TFMR page here.

Tommy’s is a national charity that works tirelessly to reduce the UK’s rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and to break the silence around pregnancy and baby loss. They provide a supportive community and safe space for every family who has lost a baby during pregnancy or birth, including those who have experienced TFMR, and campaign to reduce the ongoing stigma and isolation families face. For more information about Tommy’s, please visit their website here

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Time to Talk TFMR Podcast

Time to Talk TFMR is a podcast hosted by two women who have experienced TFMR, featuring a different guest every episode. These guests range from professionals who work with women and couples who are either facing a TFMR or who have undergone a TFMR, to other women with the lived experience of TFMR. As the only podcast solely dedicated to this form of baby loss, it has been proving informative, supportive and validating for listeners to hear.

The first Time to Talk TFMR podcast features ARC’s Jane Fisher. Jane speaks about her time at ARC and what she has learnt from her vast experience of supporting women and their partners around TFMR.

You can listen to all of the podcasts online here.

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