Helpline: 0207 713 7486

Helpline: 0207 713 7486

For parents

Need help? We're here for you, your partner and family if you...

  • are making decisions before, during or after antenatal tests
  • have been given a worrying result from an antenatal screening or diagnostic test
  • have been told your baby has a fetal anomaly
  • have to make a decision about continuing or ending your pregnancy
  • have made a decision following antenatal testing and would like on-going support

How ARC can support you

ARC's national helpline

Want to talk? We’re here as often as you need us. Our helpline is answered by trained staff Monday to Friday, 10.00am-5.30pm; call 0207 713 7486.

ARC News

ARC News is our newsletter published three times a year containing stories from parents about their personal experiences.

ARC forum

Password-protected and moderated groups for parents who have lost a baby after a prenatal diagnosis. Visit the forum.

Publications for parents and family

ARC's parents' handbooks: 'Supporting you throughout your pregnancy' and 'A handbook to be given to parents when an anomaly is diagnosed' describe some of the complex physical and emotional issues you may face after a prenatal diagnosis. If you haven't received a copy of either from your hospital, ask us for a complimentary copy on 0207 713 7356 or email Our publication is available in print or as a PDF, we will automatically send you a printed copy unless you advise us otherwise.

Other ARC publications include:

To see all books visit the ARC parent's publications page.

National volunteer support network

Our national volunteer support network is made up of ARC members across the UK who have been trained by us to provide telephone support to anxious and bereaved parents.

Call 0207 713 7486 or email for more information.

Parent meetings

Parent meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet other bereaved parents who may have been in a similar situation in a controlled but informal environment. For more information on when and where the next meeting with be held, call 0207 713 7356 or email We hold four of five parent's meetings a year. As ARC is a very small charity we are unfortunately unable to provide local groups.

We use the word 'baby' and 'parent' on this site and in our literature as most people who contact ARC choose to use these words. We appreciate not everyone is comfortable with this terminology, and ARC staff will always take the lead from callers.