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After Screening

  • Have you been given a confusing or worrying result from a screening test or scan?
  • Are you trying to make difficult decisions about having a diagnostic test (CVS or amniocentesis)?

We understand that these situations can cause a lot of anxiety. Being given good, clear information and support which takes into account your feelings and your concerns can help.

How can ARC help?

At ARC we are very experienced in informing and supporting parents who are facing dilemmas in pregnancy. We are not medically trained but we offer independent information about screening and testing and the implications, and ongoing individualised support when it's needed.

ARC can provide:

  • Help in making sense of the results of your screening test and/or scans
  • Information about further tests and scans, including CVS, amniocentesis and anomaly scans
  • Information about conditions that are screened for, and referral to other reliable sources of information
  • Time to listen to your questions and concerns, acknowledgement of the difficulties you may be facing, and support in coming to a decision which feels right for you and your family.

You can also talk to us while you are waiting for a test or awaiting results - or if you have decided against further testing but you are feeling anxious about your pregnancy.

The ARC helpline is available on 0845 077 2290, 10am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email us at